Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Warner Music Group claiming content on YouTube with No Ownership Rights

 I have one video that has a conflicting claim from WMG, submitted the dispute although it has not been released. They are claiming the audio and the video.  The video is a slow motion demonstration of a crochet technique.  There is about 10 seconds of sound at the beginning where I describe the video.  Most of the video is slow motion, no sound. 

The following video is showing the conflict.

WMG Claiming Ownership to my Crochet Video

The video does not appear to have been uploaded 3rd party on another channel.  Since I have content ID and they have content ID, it looks like an intentional act on their part where they just claimed my video. My video no longer has advertising.  They do not have the rights to claim my video to begin with.  How long before they just decide to claim ownership to the rest of my content?

How can companies like WMG talk out both sides of their mouth about piracy, yet they willfully claim content that does not belong to them on YouTube?  

It was just a few weeks ago that UMG took down Megaupload from YouTube.  

They are just coming across as "big bully" companies who want to control the Internet and want to control non traditional, original content on YouTube. There is a redistribution of wealth taking place and it is not going in to their pocket because you can be an independent creator on YouTube.

They have been walking all over original content creators for to long, claiming content they have no right to claim! They really need to get over it and adapt to the change.

1/26/2012:  My video has since been released and had advertising again.